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Recreational marijuana is now legal in Vermont

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Although some points of the law remain unclear, there are still many things that are clearly forbidden. Using cannabis in a vehicle, just like consuming alcohol, is strictly prohibited for drivers and passengers. Smoking in federally maintained areas—such as Lake Champlain—is still a criminal offense, as weed is still completely illegal at the national level. And it’s still forbidden to sell weed throughout Vermont.


Employees also should not assume that cannabis use will be seen the same by their employers as recreational drinking.


“If [employers] drug test their employees, including for the presence of marijuana, employers can still do that,” Heather Wright, a Burlington-based employment lawyer told Vermont Public Radio. “For the most part, Vermont employers are allowed to take their own stance on what they do with drug use in the workplace.”


At the same time, Wright said most employers in the state are “indifferent to what an employee does on their off hours.”


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