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Rumor: Level-5 saw mass exodus of employees, leading to project delays


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Yo-Kai Watch 4 and Inazuma Eleven Ares are both very big titles for Level-5, and both saw major delays in their releases. Level-5's president Akihiro Hino explained some reasoning for the delays in both games over the last few months, but a new report states that there might be more to it than he's letting on.


Rumor is that Level-5 actually saw a ton of employees leave in recent months, leaving them without enough manpower to tackle the projects. Obviously without enough staff, you can't get projects out the door as expected. No reason for the mass exodus of employees was given.




And this post from someone on Reset who comments on Inazuma Eleven Ares' delay:


"This really is just humiliating for Level-5. This gen has been a disaster for them.


Ni no Kuni 2 was fraught with development issues, went over budget, and sold, uh... Not so great. So its engine is the basis for Yo-kai Watch 4 and Inazuma Eleven Ares. Both, but specifically the latter, have faced multiple delays with development issues cited as the root problem, and they have completely clogged up the Level-5 business model of cross-media promotion. Now Inazuma Eleven has seen like 5 skipped weeks in its anime in the past 2 months because they are desperately trying to keep the show from getting so far ahead that it would be impossible for the games to catch up. In addition, toy sales, their only solid income source from the property, are down. Then, Merry Christmas, Ares is delayed for a 5th time.

This gen has brought Level-5 to its knees. It's really depressing to watch.


EDIT: And this is not to mention the botched Switch accessory line launch, the ID holder line that got cancelled because of dismal pre-order numbers, and the clear budget nosedive in the anime these past few months."

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