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The "Valve Prism" VR Headset - a ludicrously elaborate prank based on an extremely specific joke from the 2023 Midwest Furfest furry convention

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Sorry folks, Valve's not announcing a new VR headset today—or at least not the Valve Prism, despite the surprise appearance of a website, valveprism.com, that very nearly looks like the real deal.


The new site started making the rounds on Wednesday and on first blush very much looks like a Valve production. The page design, fonts, and many of the technical details seem closely in line with the store pages for the Steam Deck and Valve Index. And it's exciting to imagine Valve having a competitor for the Apple Vision Pro, with an equally impressive display in a wireless headset that no longer requires a PC to power it. The whole thing's quite believable until you look very closely at the details. 


Perhaps most damning, as online sleuths started pointing out, is the copyright disclaimer at the bottom of the page. "Valve" is actually spelled "VaIve" with a capital letter 'i', rather than a lowercase 'L'. You can confirm that for yourself by opening the site and doing a Ctrl+F for either letter.


Here's where this thing gets especially strange: the site seems to be building on a two-month-old gag from the Midwest Furfest, a furry convention held last December.



The "Valve Prism" site:



Untether your worlds


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Combining the Steam Deck and the Index to make something cool almost makes sense, but I think we're at least a few years away from and AMD having a reasonable chip for this kind of application. I do love the idea of Valve taking their success with the Steam Deck and trying out more hardware.

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