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Worst meltdowns at school you've ever witnessed.


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In second grade I had one of those teachers who would do the thing where if you asked "can I go to the bathroom?" and she would respond "I don't know, can you?" as a means of testing your grammar.


This one time, this one kid named Andrew Eberle stood up to ask to go to the bathroom. The teacher did the cute thing and asked "I don't know, can you?" to which Andrew replied "no, I'M GOING" while he pissed down his leg.


I don't know if he legitimately just waited too long to take a piss or if that was just a power play, but I prefer to assume it was the latter. Fucking legend.

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One of the worst meltdowns wasn't by a student but a teacher. We had homeroom between classes and this homeroom teacher literally looked like Hitler (the man proudly displayed at the MSU game). So some guys were playing some music on the computer and the teacher told them to turn it down. So he turned it down for a second then unexpectedly (at least for the teacher) turned it up. So he got mad and wouldn't let anyone leave when the bell rung. The guy who did it tried to leave but the teacher basically choke slammed the kid against the wall and wouldn't allow him to leave.


Needless to say he didn't work there again.

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