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Happy Father's Day, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared to return later this year...

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1 hour ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Lol I remember this! My niece put me up on this when it first came out.


The series went through production hell. If I remember correctly, this new seaaon was being produced by Super Deluxe who then went under leaving production in limbo. Conaco came along to save the day, but then COVID happened before production could really get underway. I mean, the first episode of this new season was originally screened at Sundance back in 2019.

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New season officially starts this coming Monday...



My oldest is six and was super interested in watching this, but then I remembered they cut up a pig heart and covered it in glitter along with a few scenes pulled directly from A Clockwork Orange. I had to tell him no. This new season will have to be an "after the kids go to bed" sort of affair.

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