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Fort Solis | A Single-Player Third-Person Horror Game (Troy Baker is a Voice) | Out now! For PS5 and PC


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Fort Solis is a single-player third-person thriller set on the far side of Mars. Engineer Jack Leary responds to a routine alarm. Upon arriving at a dormant Fort Solis he becomes unnerved by the lack of any staff at the base. As the night grows longer events begin to unravel and spiral out of control. The mystery of what Fort Solis was created for starts to appear along with its crew. Can Jack escape with what he has discovered and more importantly, his life?


Key Features

  •     Key Sequences – Huge narrative moments that are fully playable with multiple outcomes. Each containing actions that have story-changing consequences.
  •     Immersive Storytelling – High fidelity world aiming to be as immersive and captivating as the performances of our cast.
  •     Explore Fort Solis – One large base location encompassing over nine individual structures, all containing surface and sub-surface levels. Players can play on the surface of Mars or simply progress by remaining below the surface. The choice is theirs!
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Game Information
Game Title: Fort Solis



  • PlayStation 5 (Aug 22, 2023)
  • PC (Aug 22, 2023)


Developers: Fallen Leaf, Black Drakkar Games
Publisher: Dear Villagers


Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 63 average - 41% recommended

Critic Reviews


GameGrin - Ariel Chloe Maria Mann - 8.5 / 10

Fort Solis is a great game with amazing production quality, there are small optimisation issues, and the pacing can feel a bit slow at times, but the story, graphics, and sound design are all amazing. It has fair pricing without a "premium version" or DLCs.

GamingTrend - Mark Julian - 85 / 100

Fort Solis presents a thrilling story with fantastic visuals, exceptional voice acting, and heart pounding suspense. What it may lack in mechanical gameplay is more than made up for by really feeling like you are playing a movie. Don't be surprised if you can't put it down and play straight through in a single four hour sitting. I will definitely be checking out Fallen Leaf Studios future projects and Fort Solis has even won me over to the Walking Simulator genre. Don't miss this one.

PSX Brasil - Bruno Ribeiro - Portuguese - 85 / 100

Fort Solis delivers an immersive cinematic experience, enriched by exceptional voice performances, stunning graphics, and elements like audio and video that amplify the narrative. The exploration, collectibles, and gradual reveal of the plot add to the suspense, while excellent visuals and animations are highlighted, though the movement can be occasionally stalled. Even though it's relatively brief, Fort Solis offers a memorable journey into its unique universe.

ZdobywcyGier.eu - Paweł Bortkiewicz - Polish - 8.5 / 10

Fort Solis presented itself very well for a debut game from a new studio. This game is something I would love to play on a cinema screen, because lately, no other game has given me such a cinematic experience.

GameLuster - Jess Clayton-Berry - 8 / 10

Fort Solis' incredible story is told through the brilliant performances by its star-studded cast. As is the purpose of walking sims, if you go into Fort Solis not expecting much in terms of gameplay, it makes for a brilliant one-sitting game.

GamingBolt - Shubhankar Parijat - 8 / 10

Though light on engaging gameplay mechanics (and gameplay in general), Fort Solis is an accomplished narrative experience. Boasting a compelling story, an atmospheric setting, and excellent acting performances, it's an accomplished first outing for indie studio Fallen Leaf.

God is a Geek - Chris White - 8 / 10

Fort Solis features some of the best voice acting I've heard, and an engaging story that carries you through to the tense reveal at the end.

IGN Spain - Rafa Del Río - Spanish - 8 / 10

Fort Solis is a tremendous proposal to turn on the console or PC, sit down with our partner and/or friends, and enjoy as if we were watching a series.

Pure Dead Gaming - Craig - 8 / 10

What we have here is a short, but memorable adventure. The world has been crafted with excellent attention to detail harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5.2 and the small cast deliver believable, memorable performances. If you are a fan of games that put narrative at the forefront, then Fort Solis is an easy recommendation.

The Games Machine - Nicholas Mercurio - Italian - 8 / 10

Fort Solis is a satisfying and simple narrative video game, with few real innovations but many themes and points of reasoning that thriller lovers might like. It's not a horror movie, so don't expect scares of any kind. It is not even approachable to works like Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol.

GBAtemp - Prans Dunn - 7.5 / 10

With its stellar presentation and immersive aspect, Fort Solis is a promising debut for developer Fallen Leaf Studios that is held back by an unchallenging gameplay.

GameSpot - Mark Delaney - 7 / 10

Fallen Leaf's space thriller tells a topical story of human ingenuity and hubris alike.

Gameblog - French - [url="
        https://www.gameblog.fr/jeu-video/jeux/tests/fort-solis-test-jeu-narratif-review-450158"]7 / 10[/url]

Quote not yet available

PlayStation Universe - Timothy Nunes - 7 / 10

While far from perfect, Fort Solis still delivers an intriguing story with just a couple of well-delivered characters to really sell the final product. While they make sense, some creative decisions negatively impact the game as a whole. Still, sci-fi fans will have a great time with Fort Solis, even if it takes a bit to get going.

TechRaptor - Dan Rockwood - 7 / 10

Fort Solis is an excellent sci-fi adventure that can be slow at times, but features an all-star voice cast and immersive gameplay that makes it an unforgettable experience.

COGconnected - Paul Sullivan - 65 / 100

Fort Solis is a moderately successful first effort from Fallen Leaf. It scores points for atmosphere and good voice work, but suffers from clashing tonality. Tension is often severed before it takes hold, and the experience wraps up before exploring threads sufficiently. I understand why the scope is limited mostly to the critical path, but there were numerous threads along the way I wanted desperately to be able to tug at. Fort Solis isn’t exactly blazing any new trails, but there’s an entertaining few hours to be had here for fans of narrative adventures.

Worth Playing - Cody Medellin - 6.5 / 10

Your impression of Fort Solis is going to depend on many factors, with the biggest one being how forgiving you are of its issues. The story seems fine until you break down motivations. The graphics look good until you start looking beyond the characters. The acting is good, but the gameplay isn't as tight as it should be due to some odd design decisions. It is a game that might be fine for fans of modern story-based adventure games, but don't expect it to be anywhere near the height achieved by some of the bigger titles in the genre.

New Game Network - Ben Thomas - 63 / 100

While the atmosphere in Fort Solis is excellent, backed by great visuals and understated horror, the ambiguous story, poor ending, and cumbersome interaction means that this walking adventure does not always put its best foot forward.

Atomix - Alexis Patiño - Spanish - 60 / 100

Fort Solis is an interactive experience that would've worked better on rails thanks to it's awful map and UI. With no enemies, consequences for failing and apparently no way to lose the "game" or die. It's a 4 hour story with no replay value floating helplessly in a space full of truly stellar games released only in 2023.

SECTOR.sk - Matúš Štrba - Slovak - 6 / 10

Fort Solis is a pleasant, intimate sci-fi horror, but it could have been more. And that's the problem with the game. Everything here is good, but not enough. The story could have been better fleshed out, the game could have been longer, the gameplay could have been more variable. Only the atmosphere works well here.

Shacknews - Larryn Bell - 6 / 10

Fort Solis is presented like an interactive movie, but with gameplay that detracts from the experience rather than complimenting it. The narrative tries to subvert your expectations to maintain the excitement, but despite the compelling circumstances in the beginning, the story failed to stick the landing in the end. At least the game does not overstay its welcome, clocking in at roughly four to six hours depending on if you pursue collectibles and side content.

Multiplayer First - James Lara - 5.5 / 10

Fort Solis delivers a dark, high-tension, suspense-filled thriller driven by its incredibly realistic next-gen visuals, compelling character performances, and well-written writing. If this were an episode in a long-running sci-fi series, it’d be amongst my favorites and highly rated. However, seeing that this is a video game, it’s hard to recommend Fort Solis due to its little gameplay. Most of it’s walking, with few QTEs here and there, but it all serves as padding that eventually overstays its welcome. 

The opening hours will have you in awe as it takes you through the gorgeous and ominous landscape of the red planet of Mars, but slowly, you’ll come to the realization that there really is nothing waiting for you on Mars.

GamesRadar+ - Josh West - 2.5 / 5

Some of you will certainly enjoy the potential Fort Solis puts forward, but others may find its sharper edges a little too rough to handle.

IGN Italy - Alessandra Borgonovo - Italian - 5 / 10

A sci-fi thriller too cryptic with its story and with very little substance on the gameplay side, for an unfortunately unsatisfactory result.

Press Start - Kieron Verbrugge - 5 / 10

Fort Solis takes about an hour's worth of ideas and attempts to stretch them out to a four-hour walk through a lifeless Mars facility with little to offer outside of a top-notch presentation. With a distinct lack of thrills, this sci-fi thriller falls disappointingly flat.

Gamefa - Mostafa Zahedi - Persian - 4.5 / 10

Fort Solis fails in almost every aspect of a video game. From poor story and boring gameplay to disappointing level design and structure. the only tolerable things about fort Solis, are its visuals and its voice acting

Eurogamer - Emma Kent - 2 / 5

With a slow burn opening that lays the groundwork for a potentially brilliant sci-fi thriller, Fort Solis initially shows plenty of promise - but its story loses momentum in its later chapters, and fails to stick the landing.

PC Gamer - Jon Bailes - 40 / 100

If Fort Solis really was a Netflix series, it wouldn't get a second season.

The Beta Network - Anthony Culinas - 4 / 10

Fort Solis is a major disappointment, missing almost all of the aspects that make for an enjoyable horror/thriller experience.

Gameffine - Sailesh Singh - 30 / 100

If only Fort Solis was half as good as its trailers. One would expect a mind-boggling psychological thriller set on an isolated Martian colony, but there’s barely anything until three chapters into the game, and there are a total of four chapters! The only plus point of Fort Solis might be its extremely short length, (because you’d be screaming for this game to end), but the lack of sprint coupled with tedious walking sequences would make it a slow burn. TL;DR… give Fort Solis a hard pass, even on sale!

TheSixthAxis - Nick Petrasiti - 3 / 10

Fort Solis aims for big-budget horror but fails to deliver on all fronts. I don't mind short games in the slightest, in fact, I welcome them, but Fort Solis felt like four hours of my life I will not get back. Unless you have money to throw away, you should probably give this one a miss.

We Got This Covered - Ash Martinez - 1.5 / 5

Fort Solis markets itself as a thriller, but it fails to build tension or deliver interesting characters. Its visuals live up to the promise of “AAA production values,” but it doesn’t have any charm. Instead, Fort Solis plays like a walking simulator with a dual hip replacement.

Duuro Magazine - Krist Duro - No Recommendation

Ultimately, I found Fort Solis to be a gorgeous boring walking simulator. I respect it for what it achieves in terms of the insane production value, but I wish it featured some more engaging gameplay.

La Orden del Pixel - Sebastian Cigarreta - Spanish - Yes

Fort Solis, a dense and visually spectacular cinematic adventure that manages to transmit an overwhelming tension that keeps us on the edge of our seat until the very end.

Polygon - Tauriq Moosa - Unscored

Fort Solis has some impressive talent behind it, not least the artists and performers. But almost everything else drowns beneath a thick sludge of annoyance thanks to the stifling mechanics, such as the useless map, lack of sprint, and overreliance on QTEs for the underwhelming mystery. If Fort Solis had been a 4K YouTube video instead of a game, I imagine the experience would not have differed much. And maybe it should have just been a video. At least I could have fast-forwarded through the tedious walking sections that comprise most of the game.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Edwin Evans-Thirlwell - Unscored

A short-lived yet slowburn sci-fi drama about two engineers exploring a spooky, beautifully designed Martian base that's let down by a general lack of inspiration and especially, a dissatisfying plot.



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