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PixelOpus (Concrete Genie) collaborating with Sony Pictures Animation on their next game


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We are seeking a Principal Graphics Programmer to contribute to our development process as we tackle exciting innovation and rendering opportunities through a collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation. This position specializes in programming that centers around the graphics functionality of the PlayStation 5 and Unreal 5 game engine, but with our small team, responsibilities will be diverse.


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1 hour ago, XxEvil AshxX said:

Still have never played Concrete Genie. Is that considered an indie game? I only ask because whenever Sony has a sale on the PSN store, they always seem to focus on the AAA and major publishers and don't usually show much love to the indie games.


They're a first party studio, so it's not indie, but the studio is small and the budgets aren't huge. So it's going to bear more resemblance to a small indie studio as opposed to Santa Monica.

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