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Remember the Xbox Ones shitty DRM scheme from back in the day? It’s finally seeing the light of day on Series X|S


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I can understand that they built Smart Delivery to need to download patches for old games.  As long as there's some console out there than can install it natively without an internet connection.  And there's not much to preserve from the Xbox One era that isn't also available on other platforms.

The real BS here seems to be the single-player games that only work online if you purchase digitally.

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12 hours ago, HGLatinBoy said:

How the fuck  did it take this long for someone to make video about it?

probably because most keep their Xbox Series X connected to the internet for game updates, Game Pass, playing games online, and streaming. Most would never notice the need for online updates to disc games or DRM. 

I’ve been game sharing my library with a friend for 5-6 years, so I’ve always had to be online to play any game I own (which are all digital) on the One X and now Series X. I know quite a few people on Xbox that game share. So being online is a must. 

not that we wouldn’t be connected online anyways. It would really only affect most people if and when their internet goes down for any amount of time. 

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