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The Sparks Brothers - New documentary by Edgar Wright

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I thought I was somewhat of a music nerd but this is somehow the first time I’ve heard of this band? Apparently they are pure creative force that have inspired countless artists who have gone on to bigger fame. They still make music and have been around since the 60’s. Edgar Wright is a huge fan and couldn’t believe nobody else had created a documentary celebrating their career.


But besides not knowing anything this trailer has me completely sold. And apparently the movie functions well for those in my position. I’ve sampled a few random songs on streaming since watching this, but I’m gonna wait till seeing it this in theater before fully diving in.



This trailer just works. The music is great. The story looks to be life-affirming. I’m a sucker for stories about odd, creative people who stick to their vision no matter what. Edgar Wright is very strong with handling music on film and even by the trailer you can tell this project is just drenched with his love.

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So @Komusha, I saw your post in the Last Night in Soho thread, and figured we'd give this a bump and see if anyone else has checked it out.


Anyway, this is pretty fun! Wright does a good job navigating a fairly linear path through their discography and translating the band's infectious energy into a visual format, and it serves as a great primer for Sparks themselves. Their sustained creative output over 40+ years is really a wonder, and I think that aspect comes across beautifully.


Unfortunately, once it's over, I think it's clear Wright fell into the trap of his own fanaticism and by trying to include their entire trajectory, he only offers a surface-level view of these guys. Interesting moments like the brothers cutting loose the band members to revamp in London or their six-year exile are either glossed over very quickly or approached from a very weird angle [the woman (who I believe was a collaborator of theirs during this time) lamenting their hard work during those six years is ...  a weird moment]. I feel like Ron and Russell are not actually in it that much compared to the numerous additional talking heads, ranging from the relevant (past members, producers, etc.) to the baffling (celebrity fans!) This is also a decent length and starts to FEEL it at certain points.


All in all, it's definitely worth checking out, especially for Wright fans and people who aren't familiar with Sparks. Involving on a moment-to-moment basis and gives you a great window into what makes them appealing, even if it doesn't go much beyond that.

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