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MLB The Show 21 coming to Game Pass Day 1 !!!


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     I searched and didn't see anything on this here { Coming to Game Pass wise } }so I thought I'd start a topic. I was blown away to find out that my beloved baseball game MLB The Show was going multi platform in 2021. Great game and now Xbox only fans will get a great game that PlayStation fans have enjoyed for a very long time. Come to find out though, It's coming to Game Pass Day one April 20th! This is amazing and just blows me away how they continue to pack this service with current games at a very reasonable price. I'm a GP Ultimate subscriber and it has saved me hundreds of dollars, and it just saved me another 60-70 with this game! So happy to have this game basically free, enjoy guys it's a great game...


IGN: MLB 21 The Show coming to Game Pass day one April 20th

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6 hours ago, best3444 said:

Lol this news is in two threads on the front page. You're extremely late to the party, my friend. 


2 hours ago, HardAct said:

I saw it's on xbox but not on Game Pass. I've been known to be blind, but I did look first!


I didn't want to be "that guy" so I let this thread simmer. There are two threads on the front page, both have discussed this. One is the gamepass thread the other is the thread for the show.




The search doesn't scrawl for links and tweets though, so that could be why whatever you searched didn't come up. Still love you though. :peace:

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Sorry then Really,

      I did search MLB The Show 21 and honestly didn't see the Game pass mentioned, it's no biggie delete it, or I will. I commented on one of them pretty sure that it was a day One Purchase for me too. So seeing it on Game pass excited me and it's all good. I DO NOT NEED THE LIMELIGHT. I would love to have this game on a Series X or PS5 but not until I just run into one or the other in a store just minding my business. I'm not hunting, or watching instock tickers! That shit just is not for me. I do want them but I'm good now with what I have now!


Personally If I could Choose I'd Want it on PC, but for free it's a done deal!

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