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Streaming bottleneck?

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What's up all! I've been streaming pretty regularly for a few weeks now and its been fun, but I've been seeing the need to upgrade. My PC has a Ryzen 2600 16GB RAM and a RX580. Pretty modest and probably isnt the greatest streaming machine especially with VR, which is all I stream. Now here's the kicker, I stream these games to my headset via Virtual Desktop so it needs to encode that signal and the stream at the same time over the same network cable. While streaming I dont get many hiccups at all, besides some compression issues on my end and on the stream. Once this GPU pandemic ends I plan to upgrade, but would I see any benefit going to a 2.5G switch? I feel like im bottle necked through a 1 gig pipe streaming both to the world and my VR headset at the same time. Thanks for any advice!

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22 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Do you have a streaming PC and a PC for gaming or do you do it all on the same PC?

I do it all on one PC. I kind of figured out what I would have to do to limit the bottleneck. On a 2 PC setup I would need to connect both PC's directly to the router instead of a switch, but would need to get a capture card (assuming my router can handle multiple gigs at once). If I go with the 2.5g switch, I would need to purchase an additional wireless router to not cap out the one line going out from my switch to my router. 

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