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Cruise Ship - 1, Venezuelan Navy - 0

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Naval Patrol Boat Takes on Cruise Ship. Loses Real Bad.


The Venezuelan Navy offshore patrol vessel Naiguata, sent to intercept a lowly cruise ship, accidentally owned itself on Monday. After ramming the cruise ship RCGS Resolute's steel-reinforced hull, the patrol boat sank. (The good news: There were no injuries.)


The Resolute suffered only minor damage because it was reinforced to withstand iceberg-infested water


The Victor:



The Vanquished:


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It’s not clear what happened here, but one thing is clear: Venezuela’s story doesn’t add up. For one, Resolute was 13 nautical miles off the coast of Isla de Tortuga, and territorial waters extend up to 12 miles.

Plus, an unarmed cruise ship that takes no aggressive action can't be an aggressor and commit “piracy” against an armed navy patrol boat. Finally, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre is a non-partisan agency that would have records of it giving Resolute permission to leave the scene.

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