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Update: Rune 2 publishers add Bethesda/ZeniMax to its ongoing lawsuit against Human Head Studios

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Human Head shuts down, staff to join Bethesda's new studio



Bethesda has announced the opening of a new studio in Madison, Wisconsin, named Roundhouse Studios.


It's not exactly starting from scratch though, as the studio is actually comprised of staff from Human Head Studios, which Bethesda's announcement revealed has closed down.


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Ragnarok (the publisher of Rune II) has just received a hard drive containing the RUNE II assets and source code.


Currently we have set up a build, test, and staging environment. Once we have confirmed that we are able to make a complete build of the current version of RUNE II (.12L), we are going to begin working on a patch to address the top critical issues, bugs, and optimizations that we have seen reported over the last month and a half. As always, thanks for sticking with us and being fans of RUNE II.


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PC Gamer has posted an article that presents Ragnarok's side of what went down in this debacle and BOY, IT AIN'T PRETTY!


We got stabbed in the back': How Rune 2 survived one of the worst game launches in years (PC Gamer)


Candler immediately began reaching out to all the top Unreal developers he knew, attempting to put together a team to keep the game going. Several expressed interest, but the recovery effort was hampered by yet another bizarre twist: Most of the developers Candler spoke to wanted to look at the source code and assets to evaluate the scope of the job, but according to Goldberg, Human Head wouldn't hand it over at first.


“They refused to give us the source code that was our property, to be able to update and fix the game for the community,” Goldberg said. “So not only do they abandon us—full stop, full abandonment, total stab in the back—I mean, again, who does that? But then we don't even have our property, the source code, to be able to update the game.”


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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Update: Rune 2 publishers add Bethesda/ZeniMax to its ongoing lawsuit against Human Head Studios

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