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Gen Con 2019's most ambitious new board games (Polygon)

Commissar SFLUFAN

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With more than 600 new games to demo, here are the titles that stood apart


Black Angel


Ambition: To elevate sleepy Euro-style games with a glossy science-fiction theme.

Solution: Layer system on top of system, and wrap it all in an art style inspired by classic pulp novels.


Slide Quest


Ambition: To make the next great dexterity game.

Solution: Lean hard into cooperative gameplay, and borrow tropes liberally from popular video games


Time of Legends: Joan of Arc


Ambition: To make epic-scale miniatures wargaming fun and affordable, while enabling intimate, story-driven play as well.

Solution: Use modern manufacturing techniques to cram in as much detail as possible at the 15 mm scale.


Marvel Champions: The Card Game


Ambition: To bring Marvel fans to the table for a cutting edge card game.

Solution: Reinvent the classic Living Card Game system pioneered by Fantasy Flight Games.




Ambition: Put a chilled-out, non-violent game on the table that’s actually fun to play.

Solution: Apply art from The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series.


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