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Nvidia Offers A Turnkey Supercomputer -- The DGX SuperPod

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Announced at the ISC (formerly known as the International Supercomputing Conference) in Frankfurt, Germany, the DGX SuperPod is a data center server solution that includes 96 DGX-2H systems interconnected using a Mellanox (a company Nvidia is currently acquiring) network fabric. To put that into perspective, each fully configured DGX-2H has dual Intel Xeon CPUs, 16 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs, 1.5 TB of system memory, 512 GB of HBM2 GPU memory, and 30 TBs of storage. So, a fully configured DGX SuperPod is 192 CPUs, 1536 GPUs, 144 TBs of system memory, 1.4 TBs of GPU memory, and 2.88PBs (that’s petabytes – 1000 terabytes) of storage. And, it’s relatively affordable. Each DGX-2 system sells for only $399,000, which puts the DGX SuperPod in the $35 million to $40 million range assuming some price break for the scale of the system. It can be scaled down to meet the needs of the customer.

@Mr.Vic20 do you have yours ordered yet? ;)

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