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Record June Caps off a Record Second Quarter at the 2018 Box Office, Black Panther close to crossing $700 million

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After delivering a record first quarter, 2017 struggled in the second and third quarters before rebounding in the fourth. 2018 is having no such problem. With yearly grosses already topping $6 billion, outpacing 2017 by +10% and the record year of 2016 by nearly +11%, 2018 has already brought us the second largest first quarter ever and now a record second quarter, fueled by record months in April and June. Additionally, the year has seen record grosses in the winter season, the second largest spring season ever and summer 2018 that is currently pacing +19% ahead of last year with the third largest summer ever at the same point in the season.


Much of 2018 has been driven by the success of Disney, which makes up over 36% of the overall yearly market share thanks in large part to the blockbuster hits Black Panther ($699.8m), Avengers: Infinity War ($672.6m) and the June release of Incredibles 2 ($448.3m so far). As of the end of June, those three films alone accounted for nearly $1.8 billion domestically, nearly 29% of the year's total box office.



As of the end of June, Disney has amassed a whopping $2.2 billion in domestic ticket sales, pacing +66.4% ahead of last year and +22% ahead of their record 2016, which saw the studio become the first ever to top $3 billion in domestic ticket sales in a calendar year. Looking at the second half of 2018, the studio will release their final Marvel movie of the year this coming weekend with Ant-Man and the Wasp followed by Christopher Robin in August, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and Wreck-It Ralph 2 in November, before ending the year with Mary Poppins Returns on December 25. Look for more records to be broken!


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Disney offered to cut our Ant-man film rental from 60% to 49.5% if we played Black Panther at .5% with it this weekend at the drive in (since it’s a double feature, the entire gross gets reported for both regardless of the net). Really trying to juice those numbers to officially hit 700m.


They also recently juiced Wrinkle in Time in a similar way so they could get the aggregate above whatever number they needed to go to the next tranch in the scale (each tranch increases the scale by 1%, and they back-bill all the theaters for the extra 1%. Screw these guys :sadsun:).

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