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Any suggestions for cheaper hearing aids?


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Any suggestions for cheaper hearing aids? My mom really needs them because she's lost hearing, but there's no way we could afford what they wanted to charge. I'm just not sure how reliable the ones on Amazon are. I just figured maybe someone here would have some experience with them. She has severely damaged her hearing. They quoted her at least $2,500 after insurance.




Amazon.com: 2024 Newest RIC Hearing Aids for Seniors Rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aid with Noise Cancelling-Nearly Invisible Digital Hearing...

I wasn't sure about these.

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These sites provide some advice regarding obtaining discounts on hearing aids:



Many people who would benefit from hearing aids don’t use them because of expense. Here are strategies for finding affordable options.



Learn how to find financial assistance for hearing aids for seniors via insurance as well as national, state, and local resources.


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