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I love teaching, but dear me, the Christmas period is so full on.


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It’s like our equivalent of crunch.


Normal teaching work load that needs sorting (as per).


Organising trips to go ahead at the start of next year.


Planning out events for next half term.


Risk Assessments, parent letters and actual logistics for the above. 


Re-writing staffing timetables, interventions, individual education plans, SEND reviews, attendance conversations for children between 90-95%…


Theatre trip with 2 bespoke risk assessments.


Christmas Concert rehearsals and performance (also needing a risk assessment).


Special after school children’s event.


Ensuring that all the curriculum is covered, despite losing about a week of the year due to all the extra bits going on.


It’s about as busy as doing the job twice for the past 3 weeks.


Still the best job ever mind. 

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Sounds rough. It’s definitely appreciated, even if you don’t usually get to hear people say it. We’re friends with 3 of the teachers at my daughter’s elementary school. They have some stories for sure. We felt bad for my daughter’s teacher last night. She had to type up basically a full page email, pertaining to almost the whole 4th grade misusing the school provided iPads. Kids are air dropping photos to each other, setting random timers to go off, etc…Just dumb stuff that now the it department has to further lock down and the teacher has to waste time with writing the email. You know ,when she’d much rather be focusing on her own 2 year old son at home.

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I have three close friends who were teachers. One went into a program that trains teachers, from what I understand. One went into administration and used to coach and work with special education. My third friend became a principal who used to teach english.


I have another friend who helps kids with development issues on a one-on-one basis. I believe she does that at school and at their home. She has a master's in psychology and child development or something similar. She once wanted to be a caseworker to help kids but decided to stay with what she had been doing.

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