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This Live Action Voltes V clip Shows me that we NEED a Live Action Voltron Movie...

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and SOON.



I wasn't really familiar with the Voltes V cartoon as a kid although I'm pretty sure I had his toy, but I WAS a huge fan of the other Giant Robot cartoons from the early 80's that predated Voltron and The Power Rangers including The Shogun Warriors, Grendizer, Gaiking and Danguard Ace. The 10 year old in me got downright giddy watching this clip. Someone really needs to do a big budget Voltron or Robotech movie or series :pray:

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I had those toys as a kid. I remember it being really shitty compared to both of the Voltrons I had. Really wish I still had them all along with all the robots like Voltron, GoBots, and too many Transformers to count. I thought I hadn't seen the series, but watching that transformation was like reaching into a long dormant memory.


Yeah, we really need more live action giant robots and it would be even better if it were live action giant robots that combine into an even more giant robot. Sony was and still is working on a live action Macross/Robotech movie. Used to be James Wan at the helm and is currently on Rhys Thomson. Reading this article, I had completely forgotten Tobey Maguire was tied to this project before Sony got a hold of it.



Sony's first attempt to turn Macross into a movie ended up in the bin, but we can still enjoy some of its art


It's wild to me that Transformers has been so successful, but nobody has tapped the rest of the mecha universe. The Voltron reboot on Netflix was pretty successful. Also, robots are pretty "easy" to do in CG, so it wouldn't be the most expensive thing in the world. Easy compared to more organic things like King Kong. Macross Plus would be a pretty damn sweet live action film. Like a scifi Top Gun. Sony needs to make it actually happen this time around.

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