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To recap:

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If you’re a chud you can Make up any old bullshit and get to scotus to agree to undermine all anti discrimination laws


if the feds do something to undermine state revenue, it’s an unconstitutional program. Nullification with extra steps




The key snippet on standing, which rests on MOHELA as we discussed before opinions started: "By law and function, MOHELA is an instrumentality of Missouri: It was created by the State to further a public purpose, is governed by state officials and state appointee reports to the STate, and may be dissolved by the State. The [debt forgiveness] plan will cut MOHELA's revenues, impairing its efforts to aid Missouri college students. This acknowledged harm to MOHEL in the performance of its public function is necessarily a direct injury to Missouri itself


and also diversity for black Americans (itself a poor substitute for material compensation for slavery and Jim Crow) is against the law because of the amendment that was designed to materially help black Americans, through text and history


Fuck John Roberts and his pack of idiot henchmen. 

on the plus side, we continue to prohibit the genocide of native people (new since the 1970’s)

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