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The Last Train Home - a survival strategy game about the evacuation of the Czechoslovakian Legion from Russia during its Civil War

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Battling bitter conditions in a turbulent Russia split by war, these Czechoslovakian soldiers' lives are in your hands.




Last Train Home follows a legion of Czechoslovakian soldiers trapped on the wrong side of the Russian Civil War, trying to ride an armored locomotive all the way to Vladivostok. The train is their only opportunity to return home, and your decisions on the isometric battlefield will determine how many of them make it back. For fans of This War of Mine, Company of Heroes, and Arma, Last Train Home may be your next fixation. 


The story picks up following the 1917 Russian Revolution when the Bolshevik Red Army fought the anti-Bolshevik White Army to control the country. Lasting four years, 10 million people died in the Russian Civil War, and the chaos displaced many more. It's your job to thread a train of weary troops through this maelstrom.


Your journey is half real-time strategy and half management game, with battles resembling missions in Company of Heroes and the time between spent checking on the status of your troops and assigning them to work in different carriages. It's not unlike Fallout Shelter.




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