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October Sky, and movies that are ruined by knowing the truth


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I still remember how much I loved the film October Sky when it was released. I would say it is still quite a good movie! But one of the things that occurred for me as I have grown older and read books like Operation Paperclip, which details what an absolute POS Von Braun was, the movie feels super icky as we as the viewer are clearly meant to admire him the same way Homer does.


The guy was straight up using slave labor to run his rocket program in Germany and as such is the cause of many deaths of imprisoned Jews.


I find it so strange that they didn’t come up with some fake rocket scientist for Homer to look up to instead of the legitimately murderous man. It’s a family film, so you don’t have to wrestle with the reality that the guy was a key part of the genocide, just nix him altogether!


But keeping him in and glossing over the fact that he was a monster too is super weird.

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I hated October Sky. It was showed in school when we had a free day or just had a hungover substitute. I saw it probably 10 times between 2001 and 2005.


But you're right, finding out the truth can sometimes really ruin movies. October Sky is a pretty good example. I'm going to try and remember a movie like that for me. I know there are a couple, but I can't come up with them. 


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How weird I was just thinking of that movie today.


Von Braun isn't a MAJOR part of the story, at least not when I think of it. I think of Chris Cooper's excellent performance and the family dynamic between him and his son. I think the reason I thought of it today is how rocketry just didn't make sense to the conservative thinking of his father, and how in some ways that's sort of an allegory to the generational differences people face today about various societal issues. By the end Homer's dad learned to admire what he had accomplished, and it's a hopeful message (though maybe naive) about change and understanding.


But also it was just directed really well.

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