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Guess I should get around to playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Massive Spoilers for XBC3)


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12 minutes ago, Chris- said:

I’ve never played these games, what does this mean?

Spoilers for 2 and 3


It means the main dude from XBC2, Rex, got a harem ending. Which is very, very cool. Especially because it will upset a lot of people because a lot of people hate harem shit. You almost never see a harem ending in anything that isn't a porn game or hentai. 


Just to make it more clear. Rex(blue shirt )fucked the 3 people sitting in front of him and they all had his children despite two of them being a sword and the other is a cat. Rex... King shit. 


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Just now, Chris- said:

Wait how are they swords and cats? Those are ladies. 

Hentai(Japanese) power. Turn's anything into anyone all for the sake of procreation. 

Shinzo Abe smiling up from hell right about now. 

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