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GenCon 2022


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4 hours ago, Kal-El814 said:



I'll gladly pay shipping, cost of, and a finder's fee if there are Star Wars Legion, Marvel Crisis Protocol, or Arkham Horror TCG promos you stumble across!


I'll keep an eye out.  If there are promos for any of those I'll try to snag 'em for you.

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@Kal-El814 So apparently Fantasy Flight doesn't have a retail presence this year. They have a big booth but it's all demos and learn-to-plays. So there's no con exclusives for Star Wars or AH: LCG. Spoke to the Atomic Mass guys about Marvel too and they also did not have any exclusives or promos this year. :(


I'll tell you this though, FF is running SW Legion play events and  their terrain setups have some sick environments.




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32 minutes ago, Kal-El814 said:

Nice haul! Mentally, backlog, and storage wise, I’m at the point where the smaller the haul, the better I feel… but I respect the loot. :p

I hear you. Games are my weakness, especially when I'm left at a con for a week with no adult supervision. :P


The number of games that still have the cellophane on 'em or haven't made it to the table yet is no bueno. 

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7 minutes ago, Kal-El814 said:

Are those uline shelves? Do they still send you a catalog the size of the 1980’s phone book a few times a year? That thing has everything in it.

They might be?  I acquired them second-hand; no catalogs here. :)

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