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Green Man Gaming's £100m IPO: “We've grown between 25 to 30% every year"


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Digital games retailer Green Man Gaming plans to float on the London Stock Exchange with a reported valuation of £100 million.


It would be the fourth UK games business to IPO in 12 months, following similar moves from Sumo Digital, Team17 and Codemasters since December last year.


"I stand on the shoulders of giants," Green Man Gaming CEO Paul Sulyok tells GamesIndustry.biz. "I've had tremendous support from other people in the industry who have gone through this journey already.


"I am not having to go through the education process that people like Andrew Day [Keywords] and Carl Cavers [Sumo] had to go through for their businesses when they went to market. And secondly, I am coming out on the back of great IPOs that Frank Sagnier did at Codemasters and Debbie [Bestwick] did at Team17. It has always been our plan to come to market, it is just that other people's plans came to fruition before we had the chance to come to market."


He continues: "Great Britain is great at making games, it's great with technology and with making stuff. These two almost diametrically opposed skillsets we have in abundance here. If we can then access the capital markets to be able to drive growth on a global basis, I think this is a very strong position for the UK games industry to be in. All credit to the vanguards of this... the Debbie Bestwicks, the Andrew Days and the Carl Cavers, who took those first steps into the capital markets and made a success of it. Look at their share prices and the reputations they've built up."


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