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Half-Life 2 (beta branch) receives its most significant update in years (increased FOV, ultrawide support, Vulkan support)

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Preparing for the Steam Deck, HL2 gets increased FOV, Vulkan support and more changes.




Half-Life 2 has seen a few small, minor updates over the years. But in advance of Valve's new handheld PC, the company has spruced up their seminal shooter with a major beta update to ensure it looks as smooth as possible on not just the Steam Deck, but all other contemporary PCs.


While not publically announced on the game's store page, the update to Half-Life 2's beta branch was spotted by Valve-centric YouTuber Tyler McVicker. The update supposedly includes numerous bug-fixes that have sat unresolved for years, increases the FOV cap to 110, and adjusts the UI to support ultrawide resolutions.


Perhaps the most notable (if less flashy) additions, however, is support for the Vulkan rendering API, which pointedly plays much nicer with Linux-based operating systems like SteamOS. Valve brought Vulkan support to Portal 2 back in February, and with the Half-Life 2 games now on-board, McVicker now reckons we can expect most of Valve's back-catalogue to be updated to work well on the Steam Deck.



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