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Morphies Law is out on Eshop...but....


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Do not buy it,  I'm suffering the fact there are no refunds at this game is complete garbage..

It looked very cool but I've played Alpha mods for Quake 2 in their first day of release in better shape than this, it's seriously mind blowing they thought this was ready for prime time.


It's janky, you walk and fall through pretty much every building, it plays like crap and it's one of the worst shooters I've ever played.


If I have to suffer in losing $19 to this POS the least I can do is save a few of you from doing the same.

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I was so interested in this when they first showed it but the fact that it kind of went to radio silence after that and then just randomly appeared today in the shop had me concerned. Glad I didn’t get it but too bad my concern seems to have been valid ;(

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