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Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Origins trailer

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I don't have much faith w/ Bonaventura either to be fair, but if not for him, we wouldn't be getting any G.I. Joe movies ... so it's a double edged sword on that account. I understand the gist of attempting to reboot, focus small, & expand from there but FML this truly does look generic as all get out & that hurts. 


No, I am not championing the whole "but Snake Eyes should be white" however I will absolutely stand by the fact that that character had been one of few words to begin with, then lost his ability to speak after an awful mission went awry, not to mention his good looks ... but considering the fact that Larry Hama himself worked alongside the team of this, & states he's happy with what they are presenting, then I'll have a few pinches of salt for this when it arrives.


This is merely a teaser, maybe/possibly when a full length trailer comes in the next month or so, it will better show the how/why of it all & what this is going to truly be about. 

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