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Distraught gay employee has breakdown after customer hurls slurs. This “activist” mocked him.


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“World’s #1 Race Baiter” Tariq Nasheed implied the mentally ill hotel worker was racist …

D1PDR; customer gets upset at hotel employee, allegedly calls him the F-word, berates him to the point that the mentally ill employee begins to self harm, continues harassing employee when he tries to hide, and self-styled #1 race baiter trips over his own peener and still won’t admit he backed the wrong side 

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Yeah saw this trending earlier. The self-professed absolute douche nozzle butt munch is 100% in the wrong to have brought this ... well let's say slightly maladjusted yet also mentally ill individual ... to a point where things could have gone FAR worse than what the poor kid did to himself in the video.


The fact that you outlandishly provoke people to obtain such results/reactions directly feeds into the hate that he allegedly wants to stop in the first place. Just an awful POS


(Of course with my hot take, in his eyes I am automatically 1000% racist AF ... yet to be fair I just don't like him as an individual because he's a disgusting excuse of a human.)

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