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Biden should end drone executions

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This piece in the Atlantic is short and worth a read. It makes the argument that while we've seen heightened condemnation of Trump's federal execution spree, the far larger execution program continues to be those done with drone strikes. In 542 strikes, Obama killed 3,797 people (including 324 civilians), and while it is thought Trump further accelerated the program, the lack of transparency makes it impossible to verify.


The article brings up the case of American journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem who believes he is on a secret kill list and has survived five separate drone strikes. His case continues to work it's way up the court system, as he sues the federal government asking for due process. In order to get that due process, he wants to know "(1) whether the government had made a determination to kill him; (2) if yes, if it actually tried to kill him; (3) the process by which the government decided to target him; (4) the factual basis for deciding to target him; and (5) whether he was still a target." Last week the US Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court ruling that he does not have standing in this case, because he can't prove that these bombings were actually US drone strikes.


Adding transparency, reducing, or ending the drone program would be a significant step for Biden to right one of the more significant wrongs of the last three administrations. I hope he decides to do the right thing.

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