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Open AI Took On 5 Humans In DOTA Last Weekend and Wiped the Floor With Them


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Blitz, former caster and pro player, said that the match felt like no opponent he had played for. It felt like playing a strong team, where each small error compounded over and over. This opinion was a testament to how far the OpenAI project has come since it’s one on one tournament at TI last year.


The comparison of OpenAI to a really good opponent was enlightening. More than being an oppressive opponent with mechanical advantages, removed from limits like the rate of human action and thinking, OpenAI now feels more and more like a thinking being. They react in realtime. They seamlessly intermesh their spells, weave between farming and pushing strategies, and group at the most opportune times to push.


Playing against five audience members, the OpenAI Five decimated their opponents outer towers and raxes in about thirteen minutes. In their opening 2-0 against Team Human, the games averaged 23.5 minutes, but the outcome was determined long before.


The bots are learning from playing 180 years of matches, per day. They recalibrate on the spot, dissecting which actions lead to the most advantageous path to victory.


rest of the article here


Here's the stream:


Watch OpenAI Five Benchmark from OpenAI on www.twitch.tv



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