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  1. I got the free deck for backing Lords of Hellas. I never did learn to play it. Anyone here actually tried it out?
  2. I got Rise of Fenris and My Little Scythe in the mail last week. Haven't started Fenris yet, but it looks good. MLS is a pretty good distillation of Scythe. I played it with my 4 year old and 7 year old and they loved it, but it could also be played by adults and still be a competitive game.
  3. I've been enjoying my time with this on PC. I bought it at launch for PS4 and refunded it, but it seems a lot better now. I did install a couple of mods that make it A LOT better, though. One revamped the ship which enabled hover, made launching cost about half as much and a few other tweaks. The other sped up my mining 2x or 5x so that I don't have to shoot rocks for 5 minutes just to build a room in my base.
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