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  1. Yeah, I pretty much feel the same way. I don't get how anyone who likes the action adventure genre couldn't like The Last of Us or Tomb Raider, but different strokes for different folks I guess. I would recommend the following older PS4 games: Alien Isolation Assassin's Creed Syndicate Batman: Arkham Knight Bloodborne Divinity: Original Sin Dragon Age: Inquisition The Evil Within Far Cry 4 inFAMOUS: First Light inFAMOUS: Second Son Killzone: Shadow Fall Lords of the Fallen Metro Redux Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Shadow Warrior Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
  2. It starts off strong because it's story heavy in the beginning, but once you get to where it really opens up the story takes a backseat and you just feel like you're doing mundane mini tasks in a somewhat generic open city. I started to ignore most of the side stuff since it seemed like filler, and just stuck to the story missions. I stopped playing it before finishing it because I have a lot of other games that I would rather play now, but it's something that I will play again. You might want to play First Light first since it's a prequel, that's what I plan on doing when I decide to play it again.
  3. Lords of the Fallen is in my 100+ PS4 game collection waiting to be played.
  4. I got the PS4 version of CODE: Veronica, and it's the PS2 version displayed clean and crisp (CG cut scenes are unfortunately somewhat pixelated) with trophies added. While I would have preferred the HD version, I'm still satisfied with this version.
  5. What Capcom really needs to do is remake RE2, RE3 and CODE: Veronica the same way that they remade RE. They're all deserving of it, and there's no doubt that they would be successful since RE fans would want them to complete their current gen RE collections.
  6. I do see what you're saying. But they felt that it had enough demand to make an HD version to begin with, and I would think that they would consider option 2 because it would mean better sales of the game on the PS4. What's going to sell better, an enhanced HD version or an emulated PS2 version? Let's just put it this way, I would have already purchased it if it was the HD version but I'm hesitant to buy the emulated PS2 version since I know that it's the inferior version of the game which isn't what I should be offered on the PS4.
  7. But they could have ported the HD version to the PS4 like they do with PC games.
  8. Why would they choose to put the PS2 version on the PS4 instead of the HD version? I would think that they would want to put the better version of the game on the PS4, I mean why wouldn't they? I'm confused by this decision.
  9. CODE: Veronica is probably my favorite Resident Evil game, and I've been wanting it for PS4. But why is it the PS2 version instead of the HD version? It's a direct port of the PS2 version without the enhancements that the HD version has such as improved graphics, lighting and being displayed in widescreen. I'm still going to get it since it's the only way for me to have CODE: Veronica on PS4, but I feel cheated getting the PS2 version instead of the HD version.
  10. I agree, I think that Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom looks like one of the best games released this week. I bought it and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap today.
  11. I bought Full Throttle Remastered. I didn't know that Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap came out. I'm going to buy it.