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[ugh nvm] Screen tearing while scrolling long webpages?


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I updated my nVidia drivers yesterday to the latest ones for my 970 and now I'm getting nasty screen tearing in the middle of the screen while scrolling long webpages. Turning off smooth scrolling in Firefox seems to help some but not fix it. Forcing vsync to be on doesn't seem to be doing it.




Anyone have any ideas?

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Well I guess I should have held off on posting this, go figure uninstalling everything nVidia seems to have mostly fixed it. Was just hoping for a less involved fix before saying fuck it let's just do a clean install. Downloaded the drivers from last month in case it was a problem with the brand new drivers and am now just waiting on the installer to get past the system check screen...hopefully that doesn't hang forever.


There still seems to be a little bit of an effect in some places but I think it may be an issue specifically with white text on black background.

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Uh looks like the nVidia control panel is back even though the driver installer never got past the system check screen...weird.


[edit] GeForce experience is saying I have November 2019 drivers installed...so I think it reverted to what I'd had previously? Doubly weird.

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