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Rushdown Revolt (Platform Fighter) Kickstarter campaign funded


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Revamped platform fighter formerly known as Icons.  It's been redesigned to be more combo-centric than other platform fighters, and much less of a 'clone.'

The gist of it is you can cancel/dash out of anything to extend combos as long as you keep landing hits.  Health bars now replace %'s, but with "knockback bands" when you're in different color zones.  It takes a bit of the guesswork out of combo extenders compared to Smash. A few other smaller changes include a shield bash mechanics, super jumps, chargable air attacks, and a once-per-stock reversal.

There's also a 2v2/3v3 mode which is a MvC style tag-team match split across multiple players, and a round-robin/king of the hill drop-in mode.


Supports up to 6 players with great rollback netcode. ;) I’ve been in a closed alpha for the past year or so, been very impressed in their efforts to transform the game into something much more unique and fun.

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  • crispy4000 changed the title to Rushdown Revolt (Platform Fighter) Kickstarter campaign funded

Game was successfully backed on Kickstarter with 19 days to go.  They set a conservative goal, mainly to do some visual revamps to some characters.  Open alpha ends today, sadly.

They're also working in some (much improved) UI.


This video does a pretty good job showing how they changed up Icon's most egregious smash clone.  Both with the jetpack and the game's movement options in general.


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