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"19" - an IMPRESSIVE fan-made "oral history documentary" about an in-game event in "Foxhole" (massive multiplayer WWII-like strategy RPG)

Commissar SFLUFAN

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This Foxhole documentary is one of the best game folk stories I’ve ever watched (PC Gamer)


Foxhole is a massive war game, a sprawling simulation of a World War 2-like conflict where hundreds of players on each side fight for days. The scale and dedication it takes have inspired some truly intense stories of EVE-like intrigue. In late 2018 the Foxhole community was rocked by a scandalous event commonly called the “Jade Cove Incident” or “Jade Cove Missile Crisis” where one side fell to infighting over the tactical decision to obliterate one of their own towns to deny it to the enemy during the game’s longest, most grueling war yet. 


Foxhole YouTuber Gil Brian Perez has put together a fantastic three-part documentary with the real voices and testimonies of the people involved that’s a great watch for those who love the stories of how games are played. A persistent game, the voices involved span the globe. It’s also meticulously made, with military-history style maps of the battle and forces as they attack and counter-attack.


Steam Store page for the game





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