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Oculus Quest Reviews


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With pre-orders open and a shipping date of May 21st, Oculus Quest reviews are coming in.

Road To VR

Tom's Hardware


The Verge




The reviews are all on relative agreement on some of the main points. The tracking works very well, the optics are pretty good, and wireless VR is great. It seems that some people had better luck than others with how well it remembered rooms, with some people needing to go through a short setup process before playing again. The audio is fine and the graphics, while nothing to get excited about, are perfectly fine for many games. Battery life is just over 2 hours, which seems fine to me. I'm happy that they included chromecast streaming. I can mirror my PC screen to my living room TV, and having people watch a Beatsaber round or Superhot level really makes it a much more social experience.


There are some mixed reactions to the comfort, with some reviewers reporting that it's a bit too front heavy.


It seems to me that the biggest differences between reviews are the overall sense of optimism for this platform specifically. At $400 it's a reasonable entry point into VR, but it's not exactly rivaling a traditional gaming platform for value. The graphics are fine, but there's uncertainty as to if they're enough for exciting new games to come to the Quest. It's a rather polished little headset that works really well, but we don't know if the content will be there.


As a Rift owner, I'm of two minds with the Quest. I think this is the obvious future of VR form factors. I love the idea of playing anywhere in my home and being able to take it places. Tracking was my biggest fear, and it seems they figured that out, so now there's just a question of processing power and content. If there were more Superhot or Beatsaber quality games, I'd put in my pre-order today. As it stands, it's unclear what other worthwhile games will be coming, and some of the most promising aren't coming to Quest. Still, if I were to recommend VR to most people, it would probably be a Quest.

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