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Backbone - a "dystopian noir detective" adventure starring a 1950s-style detective...who is a trenchcoat-wearing raccoon

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Solve a spiraling mystery in a shady city in this gorgeous sidescroller.




Today, we review Backbone, a new noir adventure game from Eggnut and Raw Fury. We delve into its promise and shortcomings along the way.




Backbone features a compelling story and a well-realised post-noir dystopia, with engaging characters and some smart gameplay.




Explore a grimy, glittery, dystopian Vancouver - populated exclusively by animals - in Backbone. Do you dare step inside this cruel, compelling story?




Backbone is a post-noir with a big, dark mystery.




Backbone is less the detective noir you might expect, and more a story-driven philosophical exploration of empathy. Whatever else it is, it's very beautiful.



So in that spirit, it seems important to tell you that Backbone is not the point and click detective adventure game with all puzzles you might have thought it was.  It's more accurately described as a grim, philosophical, story-focused noir game about collectivism vs. individualism, dressed up in the tropes of a detective puzzle game. Like The Good Place with more depression, or Disco Elysium with raccoons.


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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Backbone - a "dystopian noir detective" adventure starring a 1950s-style detective...who is a trenchcoat-wearing raccoon

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