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Hi everyone.  I've not posted on here for a while, so thought I'd post something to let you know I'm still alive....


As you may or may not remember, I moved house and changed jobs at the end of the summer and I dropped off the radar a bit at that point.   Well - things were a clusterfuck of epic proportions.


My "great" new job turned out to be a scam.  I signed a contract to get paid a set rate per lesson taught - but when my first payday rolled around, I got less than half of what I expected -and told my contract was "in error".   I tried to keep working there and resolve the situation - but the following payday was the final straw - I was expecting to get paid around 4000 Polish Zloty, and I got.... 299.  I quit the next day, and I'm currently taking legal action to try to get what I'm owed.  What made it so bad, was that I'd had a rough summer - and this job was supposed to be the solution to everything.  Instead it just fucked me even more.  Luckily I got another job within a week of quitting, but now I live in the middle of nowhere in a place we can't really afford, and its a bastard commute to work!  I'm totally broke because of all the fuckery by my previous employer, although at least I can see light at the end of the tunnel now I have a job that actually pays what I am supposed to get.  2-3 months from now I will be back on my feet. (I seem to have been saying that since last spring!)


My wife's health is still poor, and she's struggling with anxiety and depression on top of everything else now because of the stress of what's happened.  I've been depressed myself.  I don't really play any games at the moment (even Stardew!), life is just work, sleep, repeat.


Anyway - I am still alive, and I lurk here from time to time.  If (when?) things get better and I start gaming again, I guess I'll post more as I have something to say.


Happy New Year D1Pers!

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