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Resident Evil: Death Island trailer

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There's a thread about this on the games board which I said should have been moved here. That being said, I'll re-post what I said there here.



Either way, this is the fourth CG Resident Evil animated film and that means it's canon story-wise alongside Degeneration, Damnation, and Vendetta. All three were silly fun if you are an RE fan so I'll likely watch this one too when it comes out. They are fun movies and are pretty much exactly RE4 in tone if you like RE (especially RE4 and RE5 in tone). If you've played the games, they are pretty easy to watch. Degeneration takes place between RE4 and RE5. Damnation takes place between RE5 and RE6. Vendetta takes places between RE6 and RE7. Death Island takes place after RE6 and Vendetta, but also before RE7. 

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