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Solium Infernum - turn-based grand strategy title set in the ultimate political arena: Hell

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Strategy game from hell Solium Infernum is back from the dead and we've seen an in-depth gameplay presentation from developer League Of Geeks.




The RPS-beloved turn-based strategy game Solium Infernum is back from the dead. Announced earlier today on stage at EGX London 2022, Armello creators League Of Geeks will be resurrecting and reimagining the game in 2023. Originally released in 2009 by solo dev Vic Davis and his studio Cryptic Comet, Solium Infernum cast you as an Archfiend hoping to stake a claim for Satan's empty throne. With a strong emphasis on political intrigue and Machiavellian backstabbing over taking things by force, this strategy game from hell was a firm RPS favourite back in the day, spawning an eight-part diary series of the team's play-by-email multiplayer adventures. Alas, it never quite found the audience it deserved back in the early 2010s, eventually causing Davis to shut up shop completely in 2015 and pursue a career in tabletop.


League Of Geeks are here to change that, though, and after speaking with studio director and co-founder Trent Kusters (both at EGX earlier today and during a hands-off presentation of their pre-alpha demo late last week), it's clear the team have taken great care in bringing Solium Infernum up to date for modern audiences. It leans into all the same kinds of mind games as Cryptic Comet's original, and its simultaneous turn structure is still very much intact – just with lusher 3D visuals, and all-new, revamped menu screens. And it looks devilishly good.





The cult grand political strategy game will launch for PC in 2023.




Solium Infernum was a turn-based strategy phenomenon back in the early 2010s. Instead of taking the fight to the usual strategy arenas—historical battlefields, high fantasy landscapes, intergalactic colonies—it had a gaggle of archfiends vying for supremacy in a John Milton/Dante-inspired Hell. It was developed in Adobe Director by Vic Davis, a legend of the tabletop scene whose primary work is with board games, and who has since retired from game development. In an interview with Game Developer(opens in new tab) in 2010, Davis bravely announced that he wanted to "make games that drive away 90 percent of the player base out there." 


An extremely noble undertaking, and one that has seen his legend grow among fans of richly complicated political strategy sims. Now, 12 years later, Armello studio League of Geeks has announced a ground-up "re-imagining" of Solium Infernum. In addition to throwing off the shackles of Adobe Director graphical austerity, the League of Geeks project will "take some liberties" while also adding much more modern multiplayer functionality.





Take the Infernal Throne in this hellish turn-based grand strategy game. The Prince of Darkness has vanished, leaving Archfiends to conspire: muster your legions while intoning dark sorceries, devilish schemes, and machiavellian plots. Who will be the new ruler of Hell and ascend the Throne?


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