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Port of Oakland shut down for a 3rd day

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Independent truckers continued their protest at the Port of Oakland Thursday over California's new gig-worker law, further exacerbating the country's weakened supply chain.

At the corner of Maritime and 14th, it's day four of a protest by independent truck drivers over 2019 law AB-5. "If implemented your jobs will be gone as independent workers, you will not have a job unless you work under some company," said Harpreet S. Sandhu, a former Richmond City Councilmember.

The 2019 statute is poised to affect some 70,000 California truck drivers-  after the recent lifting of a two year legal stay. The drivers at the Port of Oakland are asking for a carveout in the law - which is meant to prevent the abuse and underpayment of independent contractors - that other occupations have received. "I know that none of you are asking that AB5 be taken away, but you are asking that certain amendment should allow you an exemption - exemptions that were given to many other organizations," Sandhu said. 

The days long protest has effectively ground work to a halt at the Port of Oakland - the ninth busiest port in the world. 

Larry Gross, the president and founder of Gross Transportation Consulting says if this goes on much longer, there could be a fresh set of supply chain nightmares to deal with. "So you can imagine if there's a stoppage it's kinda like a crimp in a hose and the water is going to back up very quickly. It's not going to take a long time of this type of disruption before it's going to break at least the port of Oakland," he told KPIX5. 



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31 minutes ago, CitizenVectron said:

Usually you indicate the reason in the OP and include some context. I assume strike? Good for them.

I don’t think you’ll like the reason why :p 

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