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That was a pain


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Modem died early Friday morning. It was weird because it wasn't completely dead, I could still connect to the web interface though it was sometimes unresponsive. Got the new modem today and eventually figured out how to get the optical socket out of the old modem to be able to connect the optical cable to the new one (just pull down the fragile looking handle and pull it out). Internet started working fairly quickly but phone and TV go through the modem as well. Fixing the phone was easy, I just plugged it into the wrong port so I just swapped it and it worked. TV was a real pain. One TV in a bedroom and one in the living room. The modem is in the bedroom because that's where the optical cable comes in. There is a range extender in the living room and that's a big part of what made it such a pain.


The extender has 2 modes. One has a green LED and is for when you run an ethernet cable from the extender to the modem and then the TV receivers connect to the extender. That's the default mode and if you reset it while it's connected to the modem it will enter that mode. That's not the mode it needed to be in. The modem has a WPS button but the WPS has 2 modes as well. The first mode is the regular WPS mode for connecting WPS compatible wireless devices and has a 2 minute timer. The other modem requires you to hold the button again within 5 seconds that's for connecting TV receivers and starts a 5 minute timer. Everything is slow to reset so each time I tried something that didn't work it took a long time. The other mode for the extender has a blue LED. The ISP's online instructions don't say anything about this mode and last time it was a technician who set it up but somebody had a similar issue on Reddit and one of the replies had information about the other mode.


The bedroom TV receiver connects to the modem wirelessly, so while it's not connected to the extender, it just needs to be reset so that it gets to the pairing screen. Then use the long WPS mode on the modem and connect the receiver. The other TV is connected to the extender by ethernet and the extender connects wirelessly to the modem. So, use the reset button on the extender so that the LED turns blue, use the WPS button on the extender followed by the long WPS mode on the modem (in blue LED mode, the modem treats the extender as a TV receiver) which will light up the WiFi LED on the extender. Then reboot the receiver so that it uses the wired connection (when I did it, the receiver was already powered when I finally got the extender properly configure so it tried the wireless connection which failed so I had to restart the receiver again).


Wasted a big chunk of the day but everything works now and I should be able to get everything set up quickly if I ever need to do it again.



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