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Dear Evan Hansen

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good trailer and love the use of the music for the trailer. Although I found the trailer kind of spoilerish, and I only say that because even the soundtrack was released out of order of the stage production order of tracks. Changed my expected story narrative and leaves you with some little surprises moving forward. Mine was a stage production i saw in Toronto 

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The trailer basically showed the entire movie. It looks pretty good but they showed to much. Looks like an inspirational type movie and I did like the soundtrack. 


I might watch it and see if it goes in different directions the "trailer" showed.

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I’m fairly conditioned to accept older actors playing high schoolers but even then my brain is having a hard time process him as an high schooler.


But I get that Ben Platt is the main reason why the show was as successful as it was. Maybe this would have done better as a filmed performance, where it’s easily to accept someone in their late 20’s playing a teen. The musical theater format doesn’t always translate well to film. Judging by the trailer this doesn’t pull it off as successfully as In the Heights look to do.

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