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We Are The Caretakers (PC/Xbox): an Afrofuturist "XCOM-like" strategy title about protecting endangered species (10% of net revenue donated to Rhino Recovery Fund)

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We Are The Caretakers is a sci-fi turn-based squad management RPG. Assemble arcane teams of protectors to defend your planet and the endangered wildlife you rely on. Unite the world against an extraterrestrial threat. Fight for our future.




Sci-fi Strategy RPG video game about protecting endangered animals



We Are The Caretakers' Afrofuturist strategy wants you to imagine a better world (Eurogamer)


We Are The Caretakers offers XCOM as a point of comparison, but while there are similarities in the hub and squad management, what I played felt like a squad-based CRPG, first and foremost. Combat is round-based, and exploration on the map involves your squad leader leading the way, with the rest of the group trailing behind. The game's character design is immediately striking - everyone wears large, colourful masks of gleaming metal, shaped in intricate ways, as well as matching, sleek suits. I can't help but wonder how these characters see, or move with these massive things on their heads, but they look beautiful and strong. You take control of the fittingly named Conductor, the freshly minted head of the Caretakers, a unit dispatched around Shadra to stop poachers in their tracks. Early on, your squad gains a Raun, a rhino-dinosaur(?) hybrid, and member of the species you're committed to protect. It is of course unbearably cute.




I’ve never really seen many video games taking conservation stances, but We Are the Caretakers by developer Heart Shaped Games takes environmental conservation seriously, especially when it comes to protecting endangered animals. […]




Bringing the pain to the poachers!


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