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Weird as fuck issue with DirectX 12, g-sync/FreeSync, borderless window, and 1440p. Screen flicking to black.


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OK, so, with a few games, when I alt tab, the screen flicks to black for a second or two, or when I would use my media keys to turn down the screen flicks to black as well. Essentially, leaving the program in anyway or not having that program being "on top" will cause my screen to flick black for second. It almost feels like the the games are being treated like that are in "full screen" when they are in "borderless window". I have this issue with Monster Hunter World and Cyberpunk.



Well, I didn't have this issue with MHW until today. I turned on DirectX 12 combability and suddenly this issue appeared. So I went out to solve it and I found this video. 


Well, this didn't work. I already had g sync(FreeSync) off as it was causing issues. Like in Paint 3D the entire thing flickers a whole bunch and it becomes incredibly slow to the point where it is nearly unusable. However, if I move it over to my 1080p monitor it becomes stable. Because of that video I also found of that if I display my game in 1080p on my 1440p monitor the flick doesn't happen when I alt tab and shit. However, I saw a comment that said they for them, they had to turn on g-sync to make the flick to black go away. 


And so what ended up doing was turning on g-sync just for MHW have having it off globally. And now I can alt tab with DX 12 enabled without the flicker shit. 


But I just don't understand what the fuck the issue is. Why do I need g-sync(FreeSync) on to solve this issue? Why does enabling DX 12 cause the issue in the first place? Why does it not happen in 1080p?


AND WTF??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??! I JUST disabled g sync for MHW and I was going to record the the flicker with my phone because it doesn't capture on Shadowplay. BUT IT DIDN"T FUCKING HAPPEN??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!? Even with g sync off and DX 12 on there is no flicker. WTF? And it is at this point I realize that I think it is a monitor issue. Because the entire screen goes black as in the image is lost. I don't see the task bar when that happens, the ENTIRE screen goes black. Now I need to restart my PC to see if it will appear on restart or if I somehow fixed the issue for good. WTF

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