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Tony Bennett is battling Alheimer's Disease, has been for four years


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Bennett's greatest therapy is singing. It's when he's most lucid, and he still remembers every word.



Benedetto: We came one night after a show. And he said to me, "Susan, you know, I can't remember the musicians' names." And I just chalked it up to him being, you know, at the time, you know, late 80s. We forget things. And he said, "No, no." He said, "This isn't right."


Something wasn't right. Soon after that show, Bennett received his diagnosis. That was in 2016.


King: So four years later, what is his life like? Does he know who you are? Does he know who —


Benedetto: Thank goodness he does. He knows all his kids, absolutely. And he knows me. When you're somebody's caregiver 24/7, it goes a long way if they still know you. You know, every night when we go to bed, he says, "I love you, Susan." And every morning when he wakes up he says, "I love you."


I really love his duet with Amy Winehouse.




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