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  1. Question for Switch Rocket League Owners

    Cross platform party will be added at some point. Currently, you can get matched with PC and Xbox One players but not join a party yet.
  2. Anybody played Fire Emblem Warriors?

    I put 25+ hours into it so far (and I'm nowhere near being done). Hyrule Legends didn’t gel with me that much, as I felt like the Zelda elements got in the way of the game rather than enhance it. However, Zelda was a nice wrapper to put around Dynasty Warriors. On the other hand, Fire Emblem fits perfectly.
  3. I think Zelda’s biggest problem was that it was supposed to be a WiiU game. The menus, to me, seems to be built with the gamepad in mind and then whenever the decision was made to port it to the Switch it was too late to change it too much. Cooking and inventory management could've been better with a select wheel or something. Not saying that the bosses, shrine aesthetics, dungeons, and enemy variety couldn't all be improved but I think Zelda's user interface got in the way of the player at times where as the other stuff wasn't bad but that stuff was serviceable. I hope both Zelda and Mario get the Mario Galaxy 2 treatment. Given how we're not even a year into the Switch's lifespan and how expensive Zelda was to make I think a sequel using the same engine is very feasible.
  4. I have 481 moons and my profile says I've put it over 35 hours. I'll probably take a break from the game after I unlock all the outfits.
  5. I’m passing on all 3, at least at launch. LA Noir - I played on the 360 Doom - I have on PS4 Skyrim - Never played because I couldn't get into Oblivion or Fallout 3
  6. Haha don’t worry cause I feel like I’ve been playing Mario non-stop and I’m only at 421 moons.
  7. I fully cleaned up cap kingdom and only a few moons left on Cascade. In total, I have 351 moons and counting. I’ll be curious to know what my playtime is once my Switch profile displays it. Some moons I’ve come across have been head scratchers and I’ve come across some difficult moons. I would love for Nintendo to give this the Mario Galaxy treatment to give us another 3D Mario for the Switch. Maybe also add the superior brother as a playable character. Although the game’s structure makes it very easy to add DLC and maybe there’s no need for a full on sequel.
  8. Need a crash course in the Switch!

    As far as single player games, each person can have their own profile which will have its own save slots regardless of how the game deals with it. If, for example, you wanted to play with someone Mario Kart locally undocked each player uses a joycon and plays off the Switch screen. If each person wants their own screen they'll need their own copy of the game. I haven't put a screen protector on mine but I do have a carrying case for it.
  9. I finished with 202 moons and got about 75% of the purple coins. You’re a lot more thorough than I am I will however go back and clean up
  10. Woot! Just beat the game! Pretty much played non stop. Still have much to do!
  11. Does anyone know if at some point I can replay the game as Luigi (and not just an Amibo costume)?
  12. Super Mario Odyssey Reviews

    Yup, Nintendo added an option for updating the Joycons under settings with the 4.0 update and once I did that update my Joycons have yet to desync. Or it could be a big coincidence
  13. Super Mario Odyssey Reviews

    Did you update your Joycons after downloading the 4.0 firmware release? That fixed the Joycon problem for me.
  14. I finally beat Zelda. I took my time with it, spent over 80 hours completing all the divine beasts, but my completion percentage is only at 16.45%. When the story DLC comes out I’ll probably hunt down the memories that I haven’t found yet and do some more shrines (I finished 50).