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Wolfenstein: The Board Game announced

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Official website


The Wolfenstein board game finally pits players against Adolf and Mecha-Hitler (Polygon)



Upstart Archon Studio is ready to reveal its newest product, Wolfenstein The Board Game, based on the video games by Bethesda Softworks and Machinegames. Heading to Kickstarter later this year and retail store shelves later on, the base game comes with more than 50 plastic miniatures and includes 10 missions with plenty of replayability. The tabletop game also promises fans the ultimate battle, pitting them against the hulking Mecha-Hitler first seen in the original Wolfenstein 3D way back in the early 1990s.


What separates Wolfenstein The Board Game from others in the boutique, hobby board gaming space is the quality of the miniatures. Archon tells Polygon that its in-house sculptors and product engineers have worked hard to create pieces that are not only great for painting, but also well-designed functional objects. Each one will be manufactured on site at Archon’s massive new production line based in Poland, which is capable of pushing out more than 63,000 miniatures in a single day.




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