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US court dismisses Ubisoft patent infringement case against music tutorial service Yousician


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A US district judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Ubisoft against music tutorial service Yousician.


The French publishing giant said that the Finland-based education platform was infringing on IP relating to its Rocksmith game-slash-guitar-tutorial-software, namely US patent 9,839,852 for 'Interactive Guitar Game'. This was filed in August 2015 and ultimately granted in December 2017. 


The United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina's Western Division dismissed the case with prejudice on Friday, August 9th, meaning that Ubisoft is restricted from filing a lawsuit on the same claim.


Ubisoft filed the lawsuit in August 2018, alleging that Yousician infringed upon its Rocksmith intellectual property by having users learn an instrument via software. The Finnish firm filed a motion to dismiss the following November.


In the dismissal verdict, United States District Judge Louise. W Flanagan wrote that Ubisoft's allegedly infringed patent was "an abstract idea" which lacked "an inventive concept" and as a result, its claims of said IP being infringed upon were "patent-ineligible".


"Beyond the abstract idea of teaching guitar by evaluating a user’s performance and generating appropriate exercises to improve that performance, the asserted claims also fail to contain an inventive concept," Flanagan's ruling said. 


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